Friday, July 25, 2008

lol I love coffee, I get really energized when I drink it but its only half caffeinated soo it may just be like a placebo for me!
I know coffee isn't the best for you but in the summer I just don't make much tea.
Probably because there's already coffee ready in the morning and it tastes good unlike school's coffee that DEFINITELY tastes like cleaning products(not that I know what that tastes like but you know when stuff tastes like a smell...yah)
I'm about to eat breakfast but I don't know what I'm gona have lol.
BTW I'm watching the Today show and Miley Cyrus is on and I'm sorry I'm not in love with her music but she is just the cutest little thing ever! lol

So...I've really been debating about becoming vegan and I've come to conclusion that I probably can't commit 100% to a vegan diet.
Mostly because I'm completely ADDICTED to skinny cow icecream cones, no joke!
And since I go to a boarding school that barely has edible omnivore food, I would starve trying to sustain on a vegan diet.
That's not to say I'm going to try to eat a primarily vegan diet.
I will only indulge in some dairy products(icecream and protein shakes mainly)
because eggs just gross me out and I'm in love with Whole Soy and Co. Plain soy yogurt!!
My diet will be getting a severe overhaul once I come back from vacation because I'll be running A LOT and trying to get used to eating smaller meals more often how I eat at that means I need to find somewhere that sells Luna and Larabars...and some other good healthy options for small snacks throughout the day! Any suggestions??

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