Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I finally slept!
Around 3 p.m. lol!
but I was out from then on.
I woke up for work at 9.

ate quorn naked cutlets and hommus for breakfast...(weird i know!)

it was yum flavor-wise but not so much tummy-wise!

work was busy...i got yelled at!
this one lady ran off before her check processed correctly(printer thing was being difficult)
but she came back because she realized she forgot to pay for her water being in such a rush!
so we got the check all straightened out and gave her the water for free because if she hadn't been honest and come back we would have had just given away a lot of free stuff!
Definitely lucky on my part!

I met my mom at the gym after work and did an intense cardio workout on the elliptical followed by some strength training.
I felt soooo good after my workout =]

I had a big bowl of cold oats for dinner

pumpkin pie style!

crummy picture! sorry =[

heading out to a friend's for awhile.
no work again tomorrow so that means a really good sweat session!
less than two weeks til myrtle beach!!!

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