Thursday, July 24, 2008

I had a reallly great day!
Got up early for a workout
the weather was nice a cool and pretty!
i got a FREE soy latter from Starbucks
because they told me they took debit and they actually don't
so they were like "opps here have a free coffee" !!!
it was Venti annnnd I had a few apples before and after gym time lol (you can see the core next to my cup...i DEVOUR apples)

Then I took my brother's friend A too work and headed to work myself.
Work was pretty fun today, there are a lot of new people who are really funny!
And there are always really nice people that you end up cashiering for, so it was good.
Lunch was a sandwich of WW Potato Bread, hommus (2tbs), spinach, chopped tomato, and a boca burger plus a cup of V8. I'm sorry for no picture but I totally forgot!
I just got off work at 7 and came home to an empty house!
Mom's seeing a play with friends, Dad has a double header to umpire, and G is at A's lol!
So I made myself a nice smoothie with some Ezekial Cin-Raisin Toast! SO GOOD

I finally figured out the smoothie thing too!
You have to slowly add the ice...DUH to me!
I slowly added about 6 half cups of crushed ice to my already blended mix of:
1 tbs. flax meal
2 small/medium ? bananas
1 cup 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soymilk
1 packet of Spirutein (chocolate peanut butter swirl)

the verdict on that was...i think it would have tasted yummier if it were just peanutbutter flavored but not bad!

I'm pretty tired at the moment!
and thirsty!
I don't work until 4 tomorrow
I'm not sure what I'll get into :S

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