Monday, August 18, 2008

so i just ate a yogurt, berry, cantaloupe wrap thing.
yum. but I keep overeating! I think its the working at night thing because I don't get to really sit down and eat until about 10 and by then I'm starved. I eat snacks but I have to scarf them down so they;re not satisfying. ggrrr.
I'm not sure how many calories the wraps are because I thought dietary fiber grams don't actually count as calories but on the package of these wraps they are counted? It says they have 4.5 g fat, i think 4 grams protein, and 36 g carbs which 21 g are supposedly fiber.
So that doesn't make sense if fiber g don't count and the calories are 200? I'm so confused lol.
Gymnastics is on and super exciting! GO WATCH!

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