Sunday, June 29, 2008


I didn't get any real sleep last night. =[
I was sick to my stomach from dinner at our reunion [more on that to follow] and my parents, brother and I all share one room...and my dad snores like...
I honestly don't know how to describe it. Let's just say I tried to listen to music on my Ipod to drown it out but I could still hear him...and my Ipod goes super loud. sleep, a meager breakfast, and a heckuva lotta coffee is what I ran on today at work. I think everyone thought I was completely stoned or just plain simple minded when I was at the register today.
The reunion was great. There weren't any kids there besides my brother and I and two of my younger, distant cousins even though there are a lot more kids in our large family than that! It was mostly my distant relatives though because it was really to celebrate my Great Aunt Margie and Uncle Tom's 50th wedding WOW! My second cousins are my parents age and their kids didn't really come but my one set of second cousins are totally kick ass! They're my parents age and bikers and live in Baltimore. They remind me of my parents because they're so cool. lol.
Um...right...dinner at the reunion...fruit cup...salad...buttered vegetables...
not much but the people that catered didn't know I was a vegetarian and I'm not a big spaghetti person.
The butter made me sick. I'm not sure why but I am grossed out by butter. I just think it doesn't taste right and it always makes me sick. I'm not sure if that's even really possible. My parents think I just don't eat fat and carbs but I really just don't like butter or Spaghetti. I just don't put SHIT in my body (besides artificial sweetener...yah, I know, I'm a hypocrite.)

After that I had more fruit and a ton of crackers and oatmeal...

I don't know why I ate all that but I did... It's probably ok since I was on the elliptical an hour and did some upper body. It was probably still too much for one day but that's ok.

Today I woke up feeling like poop. I think it would be the equivalent to what feeling hungover would feel like(not that I would know)

We slowly got ready to head out because I had to be at work at 12 and it takes about 2 hours(give or take) to get home from Lancaster.

We were going to leave but then my kickass second cousins invited us to breakfast with them and my parents told me to call into work and ask if I could come in at 1(and it was ok because Target is a great place to work...but we made it back in time for me to be there at 12 anyway!)

At Perkins I had plain oatmeal and some fruit with coffee because I just wasn't feeling that hungry. I did order eggs but I really don't like eggs so I ended up giving them to my dad.

I got to work by 12:15 and it was a good thing because Target was busyyy.

I didn't get to eat my lunch until about 4:30 (way too long from the last time I ate but I honestly wasn't hungry anway until about then...maybe because I chew gum like robotically while I'm at work?)

I had cottage cheese for lunch. Just cottage cheese. Fat Free Breakstones. I ate 2 cups of that stuff! I love Cottage Cheese though. Yogurt and Cottage Cheese are my two favorite foods. I eat them excessively. Ya'll probably think that's gross! =P

This is basically my dinner right here:

It's two small La Tortilla Factory WW wraps.
two handfuls each of strawberries and blueberries.

1/2 c. Dannon's nonfat plain all natural yogurt.
2 tbs wheat germ
1 tbs flax
and there are clementines on there but I just picked them off.

I may or may not do some working out. I really doubt it though because I hardly ate much at all today and I'm quite tired.

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