Friday, June 27, 2008

Long Day

Hello out there!

So this is my first post and I have to say its very boring because I don't have any pictures of what I ate today or anything.

It's been an awful, long day.

This whole week I've been mad tired so my workouts have been lazy. (100 min on the stationay bike...recumbant mind you...very lazy)I broke my toe awhile back and haven't been able to run =[

I need to start because cross country season is approaching!

So besides biking I went grocery shopping with the family.

SOOOO much food. We stocked up for the month at WALMART.

FYI, I'm vegetarian and my family is a meat and potatoes/junk food loving bunch so we need basically two different sets of food.

I try to eat things with as few ingredients as possible.

For dinner I grilled some portobello mushrooms with thyme, parsley, olive oil, and majoram. On the side I had a gargantuan portion of broccoli and cauliflower, with an apple as a snack.

What really made my day awful was my parents arguing.

I hate when parents argue. Especially about silly things.

This was silly but dumb on my mum's part.

She dumped green beans down our garbage disposal....

so it clogged. My dad and I had to go downstairs and unscrew the pipe and let in drain into a bucket.


I was covered in smelly water, egg shells, and green beans.

My parents better not say I don't do anything for them!

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