Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I got a new car!(sorta)
It's used but I love it.

Meet Goldie Honda...haha get it? Hawn-da..hehe.
Yesterday was not a great day but it ended well because that's when I got my car.
I got up for work at 7 to make my lunch and get ready by 8...
but I forgot my lunch and my glasses and my cell.
So my dad brought them for me at 1.
I was starving by then because I only had tea and an apple for breakfast because I was a monster Sunday night and devoured a bunch of fruit and dark chocolate.
not pretty.
I ended up not getting to the gym Monday and eating a lot in the evening which was just not good.

On a brighter note, today was great!
I got up and went to pick up the 5 lbs or so of fresh blueberries my Gran bought for us. Delicious!
I came home for a bit and then went to the gym and had a GREAT workout.
I'm so sore but in a 'wow i kicked my own ass today' kind of way.
I got home and showered and made a smoothie.
That was a disaster because we had(past tense because I bought a new one tonight!)
a really, really, really old JCPenney's blender that was my GREATgrandmothers.
It was shot and you had to stir the mixture to get the ice chunks out and in the process destroyed my dad's favorite spatula(bought him a new one=])

almonds, banana, flax meal, wheat germ, yogurt...yummm
After I ate my dad and I went out to trade titles of the cars and pick up my new one.
We also had to stop by my grandparents' to drop off my pap's pick-up that we were borrowing.
Then I just went to get my blender and such from Target(i can't stay away!)
Now I'm snacking on some homemade yogurt-sicles and kettlecorn!

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