Sunday, July 6, 2008

I've been pretty busy with work and going to the gym and such.
I keep forgetting to take pictures of my meals.
They've been mostly fruit, salad, beans, and yogurt anyway.
I did make a banana-almond smoothie after the gym.
It was HUGE...but oh so yummy, it took me about an hour to get through all of it!
This may seem weird but I'm, like, un-craving bread lately.
How strange! Usually people crave bread I thought.
I've really bean craving fruits and veggies.
My salad today was delish!
I really need to finish up my spinach because its getting a little slimy.
I don't know what else to eat it with besides my usual sandwich, and I don't like warm spinach...hmmm.
I'm not sure if I mentioned but I got Skinny Bitch on Thursday?Friday? and had it finished in no time. Its such a great book. I would love more books about the vegan lifestyle and the environment and nutrition but I don't have the money for many luxury items and the 2 libraries in our town are laughable.
I really want to become completely vegan but I just can't shake my yogurt habit and can't find anywhere that sells soy yogurt in the large containers(I really hate to buy all that extra packaging!)
well I'm gona go have a snack and hit the sack, work again in the morning!

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