Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sometimes, being female SUCKS.

Like when its that time of the month.

I know I'm not really as hungry as I feel but its like if I don't eat what I'm craving its all I think about but if I do eat it...its so hard to stop!

Luckily I worked out extra hard yesterday and ate well so I kinda allowed myself to pig out on popcorn. lol.

So I'm also hitting the gym hard today because

1) I've just felt so energized! and

2)I don't think I'll make it tomorrow because of my work schedule and the gym schedule don't work out very well on Friday and

I don't want to get up early to workout...I like sleep!

My mom is "worried" about me because I haven't been going out with my friends much.
It isn't like I don't love my friends and want to spend time with them

but I really like quiet "me" time in the summer because I don't get any when I'm away at school. I love reading and such outside and just relaxing. Its just perfect.
I'm really having a great summer and I'm not upset about not talking to my friends that much. I have my friends at work that I spend hours at a time working with and I like being with my family!

Food wise I'm just warning you that I'm going to be pretty boring because I have less time and money to make stuff.
And I am a creature of habit. I get into ruts where I love a certain thing so for awhile this may be a blog about just my life and training for XC season and work and such.

I had cold oats last night. This has become my absolute favorite thing to eat and I'll be eating this at school a lot. It's a lot more satisfying than cold cereal!
And that's exactly what I had for breakfast today...cold cereal! lol.
This is a really tiny bowl so I had about 3 of them in the end.
It's Special K Protein Plus fyi. =] (with West Soy Organic Unsweetened Soy)

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