Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm not gonna lie. Strength training is starting to grow on me.
I feel so sore and strong after I strength train.
Except I don't think I'm working my biceps/triceps enough cuz that never feels sore the next day. hmmm.
And I notice that I'm not as "omg I feel so faaaat" the next day.
Which, for me, is kinda a miracle.
I know that once I start running everyday I'm going to feel amazing.
I just wish I could motivate myself to do it NOW.
I'm so lazy!
I bought more clothes yesterday!
I had 2 "get 25 dollars off when you spend 50" so I got to spend 100 dollars and only pay 50!
I am a dress lover.
It surprises most people who know me because I'm a tomboy minus the dresses. lol.
I just don't like pants because they're not made out of pure cotton and they always have strecth stuff which is NOT cool.
And dresses are more forgiving lol
Um soo today I'm just doing cardio and going TANNING.
I know soo bad for you but its my vice.
I love being tan and lotion just makes me look orange.
Big shout out to Kelly at Every Gym's Nightmare/Grounded Fitness because she's awesome and answered my silly questions with no complaints! Thanks Kelly!

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