Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dinner last night was the same ol' sandwich...then I had kettlecorn.
I had oats again in the morning...sammmeee such a yummy salad! I had two! It was about four handfuls of a mix of:
chopped carrots
iceberg lettuce
spring mix
then I topped it off with 2 slices sesame tofu and 1/4 c. beans on each. It was really good and I'm definitely making it again but I'll have to buy more tofu!
how cute are these bowls? I got them from Target for .50 cents! I bought four but I dropped one. opps.

Headed to the gym at 1 after dropping my brother and his friends off at the pool.
did the elliptical for about an hour.
going back to the gym with my mom right now so i'll probably just bike.
i went to a bonfire last night..wasn't that interesting. it was weird because my brother was there too and we rarely have the same group of friends even though we both like each others friends

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