Friday, July 4, 2008

Last night was terrible.
I have no car right now because mine went kaput.
It was a junker anyway and we only put like 1000 dollars into it after getting it for free but it was still a car and got me around.
I don't know what I'm gona do.
I guess I'll go back to riding my bike everywhere and while I love riding my bike it's SOOOO hot and riding five or so miles can really suck.
I ate a ton last night too after I worked out for another 35 minutes on the elliptical.
I guess that's ok because I burned a shitload of calories on the elliptical today and just running around but I kinda feel crummy because it wasn't like I was hungry after I worked out but I knew I should have eaten so I did.
I had fruit (frozen cherries, bananas, and clementines) along with carnation instant breakfast mixed with almonds and plain nonfat yogurt.
This morning I had cold carnation instant breakfast chocolate oats with cherries, almonds, flax, yogurt and wheat germ.
(no pic...forgot/too lazy/still angry)
I also finish reading Skinny Bitch.
It was good, made me glad I'm a vegetarian but also found it a little ridiculous that they say you have to be vegan to be skinny.
I want to become vegan eventually but at this point my vegetarianism still makes my family pissy so I'm going to have to wait until I'm on my own.
My dad thinks I'm hippy-dippy enough as I am.
I'm pretty excited to go away to college and be on my own so I can become vegan.

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