Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let me start by saying I REALLY need to get my eating undercontrol.
I duno what's been up with me the past week but I am CONSTANTLY hungry...at night.
I'm not hungry at all during the day...(I do eat though!)
and then I'm suuuuper hungry at night?
Its weird.

I think it's because of my PMS...but maybe I'm just making excuses?
Oh welll...I haven't slacked off hitting the gym or nutrition-wise just intake wise so I guess it probably isn't hurting me!
I really really need to start doing upper body because my arms are like jello jiggles! lol!
Work was very slow because I was back at the Fitting Room and just sat there for eight hours because there wasn't any busywork for me today. I felt like I was there for a whole day not eight hours!
I'm tired and want to get in a workout in the morning before work so I'm hitting the hay.
Sorry for the lack of pictures I have a dinner picture but I really just munched all day and had the usual salad!

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