Monday, July 14, 2008

My day off was pretty fantabulous!
I woke up late and watched some Today show while sipping coffee.
Had an apple before I went to the dentist.
Had watermelon and some carrots before my brother and I took his friend a bday present.
Waited around for my brother to be ready to go to the pool and I headed to the gym.
Had a GREAT workout at the gym. =]
Then had a not so great salad because the squash went all mushy.

I layed around outside in my yard reading for a bit because the weather was awesome!


Later I ran out to the store to pick up some more salad stuff and workout stuff.
Dinner was:
waffles with chobani strawberry yogurt, blueberries, and almonds. I adore almonds if you haven't noticed!

and then I had some the last of my cereal with another chobani strawberry yogurt and banana.

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